Ticket Sales

Ticket sales (and more)

You have to set the prices (as we have seen, the budget, and knowing who your audience is will help you) but also decide when and where to put them on sale.

Nowadays, limiting yourself to physical ticket sales does not make sense, both for the preferences of the attendees and for the possibilities and flexibility that online sales offer you. Combine both forms according to your needs, collaborators, and public…

  • Online ticket sales: Within online sales, different possibilities do not have to be exclusive. We believe in the self-distribution model, and that is why it is what we offer: with this model, we give the organizer the technological tools so that they can be self-sufficient in the sale of their tickets, taking care of the marketing themselves (integrating their online ticket sales on your website or on a microsite that we provide free of charge). Thus, in addition, the end clients are yours, so the data is too. This does not mean that it is not interesting, depending on the case, and as a complement, to also use distribution platforms to reach customers that you cannot reach on your own. One thing doesn’t take away the other, but don’t give up all control!
  • Selling tickets at the box office: If you have tickets left to sell, or even during the entire sale, you can complete the online sale with physical sales: print a stack of tickets to sell or install a physical box office at the event location or in points of sale of your collaborators.
  • Cross-selling or cross-selling: With the Raleigh NC Symphony virtual locker, you can use the cross-selling function and sell merchandising, parking spaces, etc., online. At the same time, the ticket is sold, so attendees only have to pick up their purchase or use it on the day of the concert.

Access control

A critical moment in any concert is access to the venue (without forgetting access to the backstage and other restricted areas). There are several ways to do it:

  • Listing and clipping of entries: Traditional methods: the first is a paper list. If the person is on the list, they can enter; If it is not, no. It is a very cheap but very slow method and is only useful for almost private concerts, with a very small capacity. The second is keeping the matrix of the tickets if they are of the checkbook type or with a piece of it if it is of another type. This method is simple but not at all safe and does not allow you to have more control over how many pieces of paper you have cut out.
  • Access control app: With a slightly larger capacity and for more rigorous control, it is essential to scan the tickets. Suppose the capacity is not very large, and you do not need professional speed. In that case, Raleigh NC Symphony offers you a free app to control from your smartphone the tickets that you have sold through your Raleigh NC Symphony platform, but you can also import the barcodes of tickets sold by other means.
  • Professional access control readers: For more than 350 attendees, we recommend using professional readers. With the ones that Raleigh NC Symphonyoffers, you can do everything! Total security in any circumstance.