Community Players


  • You are expected to attend, on-time (early), every rehearsal and performance, staying for the entire rehearsal.
  • If you need to be absent, you are expected to notify the conductor before the absence, no later than 6 pm.
  • Three absences will result in a conference with the conductor about continuing in the group.

Because the orchestra meets only once a week, attendance at all rehearsals is expected. Your responsibility is to contribute to the growth of the ensemble as well as to the mastery of your individual part.


If you are going to be absent or late for any reason, you should notify the conductor before 6 pm, either by phone or e-mail and leave a message explaining the situation.

Raleigh Civic Symphony: Email Dr. Peter Askim> or call (919) 515-8279 to leave a message.
Raleigh Civic Chamber Orchestra: Email Dr. Peter Askim> or call (919) 515-8279 to leave a message.

Messages will be checked at 6:00. If you know of an upcoming absence, email rather than tell the conductor in person at rehearsal.


Players should be in place at least 5 minutes early (7:10) for warm-up. Arrival after tuning has begun will be considered late.


Sound files of the repertoire will be available on the orchestra website: Access will require a username and password, announced at rehearsal. All players are strongly encouraged to listen to the repertoire through the website or recordings.


Required of all players. Women: Black dress or pants, black dress shoes, minimal jewelry. Men: Tux, dress shirt: either black (with or without black tie) or white shirt (with black tie), black dress shoes.

Sheet Music Policy

Folders and parts are signed out to each player at the beginning of the semester and are due back at the concert. Late music will be assessed a fee of $5; lost music will be charged $25 per part.


In case adverse weather, rehearsal cancellations may be necessary, sometimes at the last minute. Decisions will be made by 3:00 pm at the latest. Notification will be by email – please check your email if the weather looks bad. Also: If NC State has announced “Classes Cancelled” or “Adverse Weather Policy in effect” for Monday evening, then rehearsal is automatically cancelled. You can check the university web site: for this notice.

PLAYER CONTRIBUTIONS – (modified this year)

This season in the orchestras, we are facing enormous budget challenges with the university and grants, as you may be aware. This season the Raleigh Civic Symphony Association will need to help fund a larger portion of our expenses for music, professional leaders, concert expenses, and other operations for the Symphony and Chamber Orchestra. We have income through grants from arts councils, corporate donations, fund-°©‐raiser, and player contributions.

Your contributions of time, expertise, artistry and dedication to our collective experience as well as financial contributions in the past are certainly appreciated. The orchestras also have a good record of total cash donations, and we want to make player participation even stronger. We are aiming for 100% participation from community players, showing arts councils and the university our exceptional player support. Donations have ranged from $25 to over $500 in the past, with the total rising most years over its 15-°©‐year history. This year we are asking that each community player make a contribution.

This early announcement helps us accomplish the player donation campaign in September if possible. The methods will remain the same – checks made to RCSA – but our timing is moved up. This fall we will designate a player to collect donations directly at rehearsal in addition to mailings and announcements.


  • Community players: adult volunteer members
  • Students: Undergrad/grad students already supporting the orchestra program through tuition and student fees
  • Paid coaches: concertmaster (and pr. cello)
  • Extras: Players assisting in the last 2 rehearsals and concert only, not regular members.


Tax ‐ deductable contributions should be made to:

Raleigh Civic Symphony Association (or RCSA)

By Mail:

Mary Sherk, Executive Director
Box 7311 – Music
Raleigh, NC 27695

At rehearsal: to the designated board member at rehearsal, in an envelope please, Either way – EARLIER in the semester than in the past. Thank you for your support!