Chamber Orchestra

The Raleigh Civic Chamber Orchestra was founded in 1997 to explore repertoire for a smaller orchestral forces, both standard and seldom-heard pieces.

The Chamber Orchestra has the same high artistic standards as the Symphony, performs four programs yearly, and uses professional leaders as coaches for the ensemble.

Concerts & Repertoire

Concerts have included two all-Mozart programs, “Pattern-Pulse: Baroque-Postmodern” (works by Bach, Boyce, Glass, Pärt, and Riley), “Music of Nature” (a three-concert collaboration with the Symphony and the NC Museum of Natural Sciences), and “Music of Russia” (Prokofiev, Glazunov, Kancheli), “Ives and Dvorak”, “Voices of Asia and the Pacific,” “American Originals,” “Natural Wonders” (Respighi and Roussel), and “Symphonies” (Beethoven’s no. 1 and Honegger’s no. 4).

“The performance of Ives Symphony no. 3 “Camp Meeting”] was so beautiful and played with such infectious spirit. …I’ve never heard a performance that went quite as directly to the core of the matter as this one did. The third movement, in particular, seemed to grow organically before our very ears — it is probably the best part of the Symphony — and when it ended, with off-stage chimes, it was truly ethereal.” – John Lambert, October, 2004, “Ives and Dvorak” concert.

Support the Orchestras

Become a patron of the Raleigh Civic Symphony and Chamber Orchestra. Your contribution may be tax deductible. More info on our Contribute page.